About Elise

Elise Lininger

I am a Work at Home Mom-preneur!  We have two darling boys, which home-school. I have been in the network marketing industry as a top leader for almost 8 years!  I have earned 10 incentive trips to exotic locations, built a network of 1,000s of team-members & followers and trained 1,000s at national conferences.  When you partner with me to build your business, you partner with one of the most successful leaders in the industry.  I know social media, I know how to overcome shyness, I know how to build rural markets, I know how to leverage your social network, I know how to implement a simple system for SUCCESS!!!  I am a 6-figure earner, soon to be millions….and I am confident you can do the same, from wherever you live!

I am passionate about health & wellness & Financial Freedom.

My LE-VEL Website: www.awesomelife.co

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