Oil Pulling 101

Let's do it


So many have asked me how we do Oil Pulling in our family.  I am happy to share with you!  I originally tried this in India at a yoga ashram and have kept it up over the years. My 6 year old does this with me, as he has some problems with candida and this realllllly helps bad-breath.  I will link this post to my new Facebook Group, so be sure to join us there!

1-use ORGANIC Coconut Oil, unrefined is preferred but refined will work too!  Some don’t like the strong taste of unrefined.  I always buy the glass jars, rather than plastic-I don’t trust that they don’t leach chemicals, after all plastic is a petroleum by-product!  Read more about the Dangers of Plastic HERE. Ummm-hello!

2-you can add a drop of Doterra for added benefits and flavor.  DoTerra is an essential oils company, safe for internal use.  I use either OnGuard (immunity blend: cinnamon, wild orange, clove, eucalyptus, rosemary) OR Peppermint.

Shop/learn more here:   www.mydoterra.com/ilovehealth 

3-Swish for 20 min (some time is better than none!)

4-Spit in trash, not sink. Rinse mouth with warm water.  Drink lot’s of filtered water throughout day.

5-Do it daily.   (I follow this practice for 2-4 weeks every 4-6 months).

CHALLENGE: try it for 30 days!
A spoonful is great for dogs too!

JOIN US:   I will link this post to my new Facebook Group, so be sure to join us there!

Interested in Greater Detail, check out this post on Fashion Lush!

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